Monday 27th February 2006

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Monday 27th February 2006

Postby webmaster » Tue February 28th, 2006, 3:03 pm

Monday 27th February 2006

Green is the colour of the day, because I have just heard my woodland project here in the village is up for the rubber stamp at the District Council! Big celebrations the day that happens.

The last week has been beautifully busy, with e-mails and post, even the odd phone calls. 2 more CDs sent out.

I have mailed Tim in Australia and he is now working on a new on site Forum for us. Some owners have had a problem accessing the one on Pro boards site, so Tim thinks we can do our own. We will have to simply register with it and get a password, which I expect you will be able to change and no doubt you will be able to have your choice of on line name too! We might make it accessible to all, but only those registered with us and with a password will be able to leave comments.... Thoughts?

We have had several more registrants in the past week and John our Database Manager is up and running trying to catch up!

There have been a couple of boats come up for sale on E-Bay, one that caused a couple of owners to contact me, yes it was the sad Galliard again, the seller intimating he wanted 12k for her?! Buyer beware! We have a list of surveyors on the advisors page. I hear the seller has withdrawn it from sale again. If you hear of a 30ft Eventide being sold in Essex, by a man with poor English, please let us know.

We have added a couple of wants to the for sale page, an ides from John Stevens was that we split this page into two sections, boats and bits, I will have a go at that... will open quicker for some!

I have had several updates from owners far and near, rebuilding, I have added the text to the stern tube borer page ion the owners tips page and added a new page to the Newsletter. I have a nice article about an old MG boat, owned at the time by Jack Coote, he of 'East Coast Rivers' fame, that I hope to add to the Newsletter to.

I have to type up a report on the Portsmouth rally of 2005 as well.

I have just counted, 32 mails in since last Wednesday! Great!

All the best, keep warm. Think of us out sailing next Friday for Yachting Monthly, bet it snows!


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