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Posted: Wed April 18th, 2018, 10:51 pm
by chris s
Sorry, but I am speechless with regard to this eBay offering! ... 41dfce954f

Ready to. Sail new cobra radio with emergens diesstres becon . Tiller piolet 1600 Auto piolet, Eagle pro down scan depth sounder sonar and fish finder 60wat souler panel , submersion suit, and emergency distress becon gps. boltic crud saver ,stove and cooker , mains. fitted for electric 40 foot cable The interior will need some paint , as it’s been some time . As I sail . Alone and was never bothered about the cosmetics . Full set of sails 2 spear head sail , and a kite . For the spinicer , fully fitted spinicer , just needs to be set up , The engine is reliable and starts with very little fuss , she sails very well in rughe seas , ended up in ambly evening post on the 16 Oct after getting court in a force 8-9 Gail very sea weather boat with very little roll in bad wether ,

& to think John had problems translating this!

For Sale: BARBICAN 33 'Elysara'

At least the translation was in English.