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Greetings from South Africa and question about whisker pole lengths

Posted: Wed August 5th, 2015, 10:42 am
by kalemanzi
Hi there
I thought I'd just introduce myself over here.
My family and I recently became the proud owners of a 26ft Eventide called Phoenix. Built in 1977 by L & H.
We will officially take ownership by the end of September when she is paid off.
This is our first boat, and we have spent a week on her in Saldanah Bay on the West Coast of South Africa.
It is our intention so sail her back to Cape St. Francis as soon as possible, probably by September 30th and then take a lazy sail back with as many stops as possible. We live about 40 minutes drive from the Cape St. Francis Marina, in a small coastal town called Jeffreys Bay. (Yes, the place where pro surfer Mick Fanning bumped into a shark recently.)

She goes very well with the long keel, and is very forgiving. According to GPS we have done speeds of up to 5.9 kts on a beam reach.

Anyhow. I am looking to create my own whisker pole for downwind sailing, and have found some nice guides how to build a pole from PVC pipe, but I also have a solid wooden pole in my garage that I thought would go nicely with the wooden boat.

The thing is, I am not sure what length I would make the pole.
Any ideas?

Re: Greetings from South Africa and question about whisker pole lengths

Posted: Sun September 6th, 2015, 11:40 am
by Fiddler's Green
Congratulations on acquiring Pheonix.

I sail an Eventide 26 and have a pole for down wind work. I found a telescopic Ali pole, it is not as long as i might wish for but at 10ft extended it works for the genoa. and when stored only 6ft long.

the important thing is to make it strong enough, my pole is about 2 inches diameter. I have seem thin wooden poles break if they are allowed to bear against the rigging. I would have said a 2" diameter pole would be the mimimum. You can purchase end fittings on line and that maybe the make a fixed length pole, with either wood or Ali as the pole. not sure PVC would be stong enough on its own, you may have to fil it with something, not sure if foam would work either, but at least it would float... but no swimming to go get it in those waters!