The Eventide Owners Group

East Coast Sailing Meets 2018

The M.G. mark off West Mersea.


For further details on any of these meets, call John Williams on 01621 778859. Call ‘Fiddler’s Green’ on VHF. Ch 16 or 77. Mobile No. 07850 286607.


Meets for other parts of the coast.?? Give us a venue and a date and we will advertise it for you, if another boat turns out, you have a meet!  Come on, it is fun!


Sunday March 25th 2018. Our Annual Meeting!

The weekend before Easter.

Sunday  at 1230 for bar meal before meeting at 1400..

Our Fourteenth! So now we are 15 years old!! Despite the critics, we have proven that the truth will win!

Will be in the Bradwell Marina Bar dining room.

Hot meals/sandwiches etc available, and Bar open.

We have exclusive use of the facilities as the bar closes to others at 2pm.

All members welcome!  Do come along and have your say, remember only Full 'owning' members have a vote though!

 We will meet courtesy of Mike and Anita at the Bradwell Marina Bar.

We have the exclusive use of the Dining area and the bar will be open to provide light lunches, sandwiches and the like, coffees and full Bar.

This is your chance to have a say, support what we are doing or shoot us down in flames!  Remember 'Full Members',   that is 'owners', only get a vote. 'Friends' or 'Associate Members' very welcome along just to add input!

New Steering Group member needed...

Members of the Steering Group will be up for re-election and the finances can be scrutinised!  All members welcome.  Full members, (owners)  get a vote don't forget!  Nominate a Steering Group member....  We have recently lost  a Barbican owner and another owning a Barbican or an Atlantic Clipper would be very welcome!  ....can you spare a few moments every now and again, preferably on e-mail, but on the phone is good....  We have to OK the odd decision with the Steering Group, buying CD's or computer bits, nothing more arduous normally!  We do not have separate Steering Group meetings so we have one member of it in the Netherlands, we have had others as far away as Australia!  Give it a thought and come and help run the organisation, preferably you should be a full 'Owning' Member (which includes partner or spouse.) as otherwise you do not have a vote on decisions.

Contact us at or call 01621 778859




Mayday sail. This is a Bank Holiday Weekend so we have an extra day!  Normally we would do this...

 Lawling Creek  Saturday  could be a BBQ on the beach in the evening  if the weather is right or a raft up?

Sunday sail in company to Maldon maybe before dropping back on the tide to anchor.... wherever we fancy, maybe up another creek, down near Mersea Quarters, with a nod to M.G.!

More details nearer the day.



Late May Bank holiday 2017.  27th, 28th, 39th May.

Bradwell Essex. 

Join 'Fiddlers Green' and sail in company up the Blackwater for a weekend.

Maybe a trip to the Crouch where we have been invited to join in a Regatta...  any takers?

contact us at


Had a mail in from long time member Robin, he is still wanting to organise events around Poole and the Solent.  Robin Lewin and ‘WINE KNOT’ moored in Holes Bay, Poole (near the RNLI centre) would like to contact/ meet up with any GH owner in or around Poole. Sailing mid-week normally. Big event: Anyone else fancy a sail in company round the IOW in July – with the RTIR – some 1800 other boats? contact him by mail:-  robinlewin at


Hoping to meet up in late June on our way west....


June  2018, for 2 months!

Proposed Cruise to Scotland via Eire!


'Fiddler's Green' and crew are setting off to complete the round England , Wales and part of Scotland 'fiddling Around' trip. Care to join us?





Solent Meet.  August Bank holiday Weekend.  

Last seven years were  disasters with two of the host boats being laid up, this year we are confident that the boats, crews, weather and venues will all be perfect.  More later!

This is what we hoped to do last year....  maybe......

Newtown Creek, Friday  (ideal for our boats) near Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight.  There’s a brilliant little pub which has won I of W  Pub of the year more years than I can count at the bottom of the creek and the views are spectacular. 

Good real ale, and close to Yarmouth as well – yet beautifully quiet and peaceful and the sunsets are something else.   

Thrash across the bay to Studland for Saturday night BBQ  

Sunday Night at Fareham Creek (FMBSC) for another BBQ  or may be a more central location depending on attendees.

Depart for home ports on Monday.

 Dave and Paul are hopefully going to be host boats,

Contact Dave. 'Galatea'   David.Newble at 

or Paul.  'Fram' paul.usher at   Telephone 07790 492089

Or either boat on VHF 16.

Lets see if the first meet can be a good one!  Paul thinks there will be another Eventide and maybe a GH sailing out from Fareham...




North West, North East, Scotland and the South West?  Well we have members in all these areas, if one of you would like to tell us where you hope to be one weekend or week, we can circulate it and maybe we might get lucky and another boat will hove to over the horizon.  Two boats you have a meet, several a great one!  Contact us to give us that venue!



The Return of the Bradwell Meet!!

August Bank Holiday Saturday, 25th.

HW Saturday 1226 at 4.5m

Meet in Bradwell Saturday afternoon, a chance for others to see aboard your boats, all members welcomed...  then in the evening to the marina bar for a chat,  BBQ on offer... ...  and a drink, or two!

On Sunday , we intend to have a sail in company/race. Starting at 1130 from anchor just down stream and inside of the remains of the Power Station Baffle, away from the electric cable!!  Then sailing  up stream to Osea for HW  and back to the Baffle.  Returning to a finish point off the  Bradwell Baffle, timing your passing yourself, as we will not have a start/finish boat, and gently back into the marina...

Back into Bradwell on the  Sunday afternoon against the ebb and prize giving in the marina bar.

Monday  sailing home.

contact me on 01621 778859 for any further information.

If you want to contact Bradwell to book a berth in advance, (if they will permit pre-booking...) phone 01621 776235





 Mid to late October, end of season cruise in the Blackwater, Colne area.  Meet for meal in Bradwell marina.  May stay out till Trafalgar day,  21st... or beyond if the weather good.

For  island circling,  and plenty of creeks to explore.  Stay  for 3 or 4  days or as long as the weather holds, no intention of going far, or fast!  Wind down with us.




Last Wednesday of almost every month,

at approx 7 p.m. at the ... (to be announced every month on the Stoppress pages!)


The Essex sailors try to meet  every month for a pub meal and a drink.  Numbers attending each month vary, but we nearly always there! To make sure though, give me a ring, in case we are off sailing!   Record is to date is 18 people and conversation ranges from ancient monuments, (no not me!) to holidays and sometimes even boats!  Great crowd, good atmosphere.





Just some of the owners when we met at the Bell at Danbury! We have met in Maldon, Boreham, Heybridge, Bradwell and Walton on Naze! Every month it could be a different location or back to one we enjoyed.

For further details on  the Essex meets, call John Williams on 01621 778859 or  Doug Hoadley on 01708 477028. 


You are very welcome to join in on any of the events and cruises and we would welcome those of you that have expressed an interest in meets elsewhere, to come forward with a simple date and venue, we will do the words here and see what transpires.  You might be surprised. Go on contact us! e-mail or phone.






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