The Wild Duck



    Or it will be...............
    On this page you will find about 'What's New' on the EOG site. Don't forget to visit the regular areas and - most important, tell us what you think. We take what you say very seriously, if fact, what you see today is to a great extent what you have asked for and suggested - keep it coming.
    Ok here is the first.   Following the meeting last Wednesday there are a whole batch of burgee designs to look at on the burgee page.  more ideas welcome but we soon must make a decision, as launch dates are approaching fast, and we want to fly our colours!  J.W.
    Web Site Improvements. Following feedback from members, Two areas that are to receive some attention are the 'Letters Page' and the 'Builders Page' due to the long download times. Although there are other pages that can take some time to download, we felt that these two offer no benefit in having a large amount of data download at one time whereas photos can beneficial being quite large.

The plan is therefore, in the next few weeks, to split the letter page into several pages possibly in chronological order so making each page much smaller and therefore, faster to load. The same logic will be applied to the 'Builders' page, giving each boat it's own page. B.S.

    April 5th, loads of new pics on the Eventide and builders pages. J.W.
    April 6th, As promised above, the 'Builders and Restorers' pages have been re-organised for faster loading. Each boat now has it's own page this makes the loading process much faster. BS
    April 16th, The 'letters' page has now been split into 16 pages to make them load faster BS
    April 21 st. A new page has been created to show where our member's boats are. The page is called 'Where are We'. It will take a long time to collate as we don't know where all the boats are. So, help us out here, tell us where your boat is. We will maintain confidentiality - Take a look. Remember when you need a hand, there may be a 'friend' just up the next creek. BS
    May 9th. Work has now started on updating the "Where are our boats". This updating will take some time as it is a very time consuming task. A couple of points should be remembered. If the figures do not add up - number of members/number of boats, (1) not all members have boats, (2) we do not have all information on some member's boats and (3) we have some boat information without an owners address.
    June 1st.  Page added covering the Southend Air Show. BS
Hit Counter   June 26th.  There is a new page (accessible from the 'Photos' page) where will live the 'waifs and strays' of the boating world in the form of unidentified boats. Every so often we are sent a picture of what looks like one of the designs we cover. It can, on occasion, be difficult to identify a design exactly - witness the banter going around on a boat we now know to be a 'Swin' class, this was identified by Mike in Australia.
    August 9th.  See the Junior page for a boat for sale on E-Bay, get in quick, auction ends 14th!
    12th September, check out the new pics on the following pages, Eventides, GH's, WD's, and the Unidentified's !  Lots more, also additions to the 'For Sale' pages too.

Have been inundated with new mail and membership up over 220 now!


    3rd November  We have just started the third edition of the Newsletter!  We are trying to sort out the incoming photos and letters to put them in some order!  Any logs to come? 

The for sale pages are now almost up to date and we wait with baited breath for the promised donations...  I have the outline constitution on the desk from the Charity Commissioners.  I will put it on the site and the forum, where, eventually we hope we can have a vote on it, that is if you are an owner and have registered with us and the forum.....

And the membership stands at 234 today!


    Feb 2nd 2005. 

In response to John Stevens I am adding a foot-note here.  This page will now only be updated when there is something new and extra on the site that we feel you would not otherwise find.  we are trying to make most pages available from a link or button on the home page or from one of the pages available from there.

If there is something that you feel need to be brought to the attention of other, please contact us and we will do what we can to make sure it is.

John and Barry.